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At Handmade Treasures CA we want to make your shopping experience easy and comfortable, so we have taken measures to guarantee all orders you place with us will be secure and safe! Please email us if you have any questions!


Discover Nature-Inspired Jewelry That Accentuate Your Personality

Enjoy artisan jewelry as unique as you are with our one-of-a-kind nature-inspired pieces. Each item is one of a kind, which means you will be the only person in the world to wear this design.

Individually handcrafted by Inga Rozin, our founder and designer, our jewelry is an artistic form of self-expression. Our eye-catching combinations of colours and textures embody those found in nature. Each piece captures the allure of the Canadian wilderness, bringing the natural splendour to life through artisanal craftsmanship.

About the artist

Inga Rozin has been a self-taught jeweller since 2014, an artist, wife and mother. She currently resides in Ottawa, Canada, with her family. Jewelry making and crochet began as "therapy" for her day job as a medical lab technician and grew into a "big passion." Creating each piece, she invests a part of her soul and energy into it, paying attention to each work's tiny details and originality. She is constantly learning and improving her skills. In her spare time, she spends hiking, gardening and taking pictures of the stunning landscapes surrounding her. She hopes that her products will inspire and be appreciated by other people.

Handmade Treasures is an independent, family-run business that works closely with the local community. Inga designs and creates jewelry, knitted accessories, and eco-bath products, while her husband and son assist with product photography, website maintenance, and shipping. Our family is passionate about our craft and supporting fellow small businesses with a similar vision.

Gifts of the Earth

Our high-quality materials honour the beauty of nature while ensuring durability. Each piece is made to be worn and loved for years to come.

Our knits are expertly woven for warmth and comfort, and our range of eco-baths is nothing short of nourishing ingredients that keep skin smooth and hydrated.

Discover the experience of craftsmanship and the wonders of nature with our handcrafted treasures.


Our values:

Creative and unique.
Inspire by nature.
Care and consideration

Our mission:

To design and creatе high-quality products.
To provide high-quality service.

Custom Orders

I am always happy to make something Unique for You! Please contact me for custom orders.

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