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Hello and welcome to my shop!

I am a multi-faceted person, such as an artist and photographer. Art was always extension of my personality and a form to express myself. I loves bringing the beauty and captivating allure of my surroundings to life through my craft! I have always admired the way that nature plays with materials and colors.

This art is an extension of my personality

The different seasons bring different color combinations and a plethora of different ideas from the ever changing and bewitching appeal of the seasons. That why I love to explore different textures and color palates, and I gain a certain guiding light through the arresting aesthetics of the Canadian landscapes.

"In 2014 jewelry and crochet became my passion"

In 2014 jewelry and crochet became my passion, I have continued to expand and grow this specific pursuit. I hope that the care and consideration I handcraft into each piece is something that other people are equally inspired by, and appreciate .

Our values:

Creative and unique.
Inspire by nature.
Care and consideration

Our mission:

To design and creatе high-quality products.
To provide high-quality service.

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Custom Orders

I`m always happy to make something Unique for You! Please contact me for custom orders.

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